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The horse farm and riding school Horseland  is located 2 km southeast of  Ayioi Trimithias  village in Nicosia District and is just 20 minutes away from the capital’s center.

For many years, the farm hosts horses that are competing in Nicosia’s racetrack. Since 2020, the riding school has been included in the farm’s operations, which hosts 15 additional horses exclusively for training purposes for the sport of riding.

The Horseland Riding School began its operations following the establishment of the necessary support infrastructure for the sport. The idea for the school establishment rose from the long-standing love of the owners towards the horse and the strong interest that many visitors expressed for riding training.

Through the appropriate training and learning of the technique required in riding, the interested individuals have the opportunity to develop a close relationship with the horse, to gain experience regarding the proper horse treatment, to become familiar with the peculiarities that characterize in general a horse’s behavior, managing at the same time, because of the need  that arises for the demonstration of discipline and responsibility, to continuously improve their own social behavior.

The pleasant natural and social environment in which Horseland Riding School operates, provides to the interested individual a unique opportunity to combine an alternative recreational activity with specialized training which is always conducted under the guidance of a certified physical education graduate trainer. It is worth noting that the training program of the school provides to the interest individual among other things the potential to participate in horse-riding competitions that are held both in Cyprus and abroad.

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Theodora Voulouvouti

The coach of our club is called Theodora Vouvouti and she is originated from Thessaloniki. Her involvement with the sport of horse riding began at the age of 12 and continues to this day. She studied at the Physical Education and Sports Sciences academy of the Aristotle  University of Thessaloniki.

Following her studies, her love for the sport drove her to become involved at a “professional” level as a riding coach for both showjumping and equestrian skills. At the same time she herself is an athlete and participates in both riding sports.




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